2016 Graduation Message from Dir. Diosdado M. San Antonio

The school year is once again about to end. As we celebrate the moving up/graduation and completion of our learners from the various levels of basic education, it is worthwhile to reflect on what the Kto12 Basic Education Curriculum intends to accomplish for the Filipino youngsters.

Yes, we are hopeful that every graduate and completer this year has become more passionately in love with our country; more willing to use his/her talents and potentials in building a productive society.

We salute the parents and guardians for their sacrifices in making sure that every learner’s need is addressed. Our local government officials also deserve our gratitude for providing the support in creating a more learner-centered environment in the schools.

We commend our fellow teachers and school officials in their tireless efforts to discover better ways of making learners more engaged in honing their skills.

With our shared commitment, the task of enabling our youngsters to possess the 21st century skills will not be difficult. With our collective action, our beloved country will have no way but become prosperous and developed.

May the Lord continue to bless our efforts! Mabuhay!!!

Director IV