SDO Dasma CI Team completes Continuous Improvement Program

After six months of rigorous training on continuous improvement, the CI Team composed of Dr. Rita Diloy, Dr. John Nepomuceno, Leylanie Adao, and Antonio Faustino, Jr. finally presented the results of their heavy labor during the Continuous Improvement Symposium and Master Trainers Batch 2 Graduation at the Lima Park Hotel, Batangas last August 9, 2017.


Mr. Dexter Pante, PDO V of Schools Effectiveness Division under the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development, served as keynote speaker of the symposium. He talked about his training experience under the Continuous Improvement Program.

Among the five division key result areas, the highlight of their CI Project is the Human Resource Development and Management. The team specifically emphasized the Promotion Dynamics. Upon conducting series of FGD and interviews to get the Voice of the Customers, most criticized the long period of document processing and repetitive submission of documents because of different interpretation of policies and guidelines. The focused problem statement impelled them to come up with four solutions. The first solution the team proposed is the provision of checklist of requirements. This lessened the instances where documents are returned to the owner due to lacking requirements. The more certain the receiving office about the requirements, the more consistent the standards will be. Second clarification is the assignment of evaluation process from HR to the Personnel Selection Board (PSB). The third response to the promotion discrepancy is the launch pad of their CI project: the development of e-appraisal tool and online succession database. Lastly, they have determined a definite schedule for signing evaluation documents which is every last Friday of the month.



An exhibit was also organized to showcase the projects developed by different SDOs. Every division prepared brochures and audio-visual presentations for the DepEd R-4A officials, SDSs, school heads, process owners, and teachers.

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DepEd Dasma’s CI Team concluded their presentation with a quote saying, “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.” Certainly, the voice of the customer is the greatest source of learning for them which can be used for organizational improvement.