This Office through the Schools Division Research Committee hereby calls for the 3rd Cycle of the Basic Education Research Fund (BERF). Division personnel, school heads, teachers, and non-teaching personnel may submit on or before February 28, 2018. Research proponents are required to submit three (3) sets of hard copy of their proposals together with the following documents; Application Form and Endorsement of Immediate Supervisor of the Proponent (Annex 1); Research proposal (Annex 2); and Anti-plagiarism and Absence of Conflict of Interest Declaration (Annex 3). (Reference. DepEd Order 16, s.2017)
Documents shall be submitted to the Planning and Research Unit (Attn.: Melanie S. Pamienta SDRC Secretariat)
Widest and immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

0934 - Memorandum-FEB-13-18-067.pdf