RO | Administration of National University Admission Test for 2019 Graduating Senior High School Learners

This refers to the Memorandum OU-LAPSS No. 45, s. 2018 received by this Office in relahon to the request of the National University for the issuance of an advisory on the administration of the National Univeritv Admission Test (NUAT) for the 2019 graduating Senior High School learners.
In this regard, concerned Offices are requested to communicate to learners and the concerned public the schedule for the NUAT regional testing in their respective jurisdiction. The said schedules are herewith attached.
It is emphasized that the announcement of the NUAT schedule is only for information and not an endorsement, in accordance with DepEd Order No. 28, s. 2001 entitled Prohibiting the Commercialization of the DECS Organization Through Endorsements and Accreditation or Goods and Services.
For information and wide dissemination.