In order to bring GFAL application evaluation and processing closer to interested DepEd personnel, the GSIS in partnership with DepEd will mobilize “GFAL Caravans”.

In view of this, the field is hereby instructed to submit LIST OF INTERESTED APPLICANTS FOR GFAL together with the complete requirements (see QMS-REC-F04) on or before October 8, 2018.

The schedule of GFAL Caravan will be coordinated with GSIS and will be announced after identifying the number of interested applicants and evaluation of documents.

For relevant queries, you may contact the following Authorized Agency Officers (AAOs):

Ms. Micah P. Ortiz, Administrative Officer IV
(046) 432 9355 loc. 204 /

Mr. Giemar I. Besin, Administrative Officer II
(046) 432 9355 loc. 207 /

Immediate dissemination of and compliance with this Memorandum is directed.

0544 - Memorandum-SEPT-21-18-457.pdf