1. In line with the in-depth preparation for the Regional School Press Conference which will be held on November 5 – 9, 2018 in Laguna Province, the field is hereby informed that this Division will conduct Live Out Training for 35 SPAS and 230 CJs on September 19-21 at Sta. Cruz Elementary School.

2. Relative to this, all class advisers and subject teachers are directed to give due considerations to the journalists particularly on the quizzes, activities, projects and class performances that they might miss. It is understood that Campus journalists should not be given low or failing grades. Instead, their grades must be retained or should be higher than the previous grades. Their participation in the training and competition is deemed equivalent to the performance tasks required in each learning area. Hence, CJs should not be obliged to participate in any school activities.

3. This 3-day training will be facilitated by the Division Trainers. It is understood that there will be no remuneration to be given to them. However, they will be provided with food for three (3) days.

4. There will be no registration fee however, support of the school administrators is expected by providing transportation and food allowance to the concerned journalists to be charged from Campus journalism fund and/or canteen fund subject to usual accounting and auditing procedures.

5. Furthermore, all SPAS are mandated to take care of their journalists specially in travelling to and from the venue. They are also advised to stay with their journalists during the conduct of the training. Maximum security for this activities is expected.

6. Attached herewith is the list of Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) qualifiers

7. Utmost considerations and immediate dissemination of this memorandum is desired.

0852 - Division Memorandum No. 149, s. 2018.pdf