Adopt-a-School Program (ASP)

Potential engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and artists are in our schools, but they may not have a chance to pursue their dreams due to economic difficulty. While the government allots the biggest share of the national budget to public basic education, the amount still cannot keep up with the increasing student population.

The Department of Education, through its Adopt-a-School Program (ASP), sincerely invites all members of public and private entities to accept our offer of active partnership in the noble goal of educating all Filipinos. With ASP, each Filipino can have the opportunity to enjoy his right to education, to open his eyes to the wonders and challenges of the world, to pursue his dreams, and to contribute capably towards the nation’s progress. Support this noble cause and be an Adopt-a-School partner today.

Division Training on SHS and ASP Partnership Building

Revised Template ASP Quarterly Report.xlsx

Adopt-a-School Program brochure.pdf