SF10 Preparation and Handling

Remove Disapproved LRN

Division Monitoring Dashboard for SHS

SHS Account Context

ALS Enrol Learner

ALS Tagging of Abot-Alam

ALS Unenrol

SHS Registration for Public and Private Secondary Schools

SHS Registration for Non-LIS Registrants

Encoding is disabled

Enhanced Division Level Correction Facility

Correction of EoSY status

Division Monitoring Facility

Request for Issuance of New LRN (SY 2015-2016)

Updating on LIS and EBEIS for BOSY (SY 2015-2016)

User Account Management Guide

Request to Unenroll a Learner with Errorneously Encoded Data

Warning Data Issues for TO confirmation

Warning Data Issues for Transfer-in enrollment

Warning Data Issues Incomplete basic information

Warning Data Issues Unconfirmed Trans-in

Correction of basic profile Adviser

Correction of basic profile School Head

LRN deactivation and correction 2