Assess school electrical systems and make necessary repairs and/ or upgrades


Identify facilities and materials that need repainting and refurnishing


Clean the surroundings to clear minor damages and obstructions

What assistance can you give as a Brigada Eskwela partner?

Learner's Kit

Notebook, pad paper, pencil, ballpen, crayons, ruler, scissors, sharpener, paste, bag

Emergency Kit

flashlight, stretcher, batteries, radio, whistle, electrical tape, rope, contact numbers

First Aid Kit

Burn ointment, betadine, band aid, gauze, plaster tape, alcohol, agua oxinada, cotton

Teacher's Kit

Manila paper, bond paper, scissors, cartolina, pilot pen, ruler, lesson plan, class record

Teacher's Emergency Kit

Whistle, evacuation guide, contact numbers, boots, rain coat, umbrella, batteries, radio

Health and Hygiene Kits

Bottled water, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pads

Take part in Brigada Eskwela! Help us ensure that our schools are disaster-prepared, clean, and conducive to learning.